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Freight Claim Tips to Ensure Claims Get Paid

Many companies active in the field of freight business sometimes make costly mistakes while handling freight claims. To settle down claims, follow the specific process. If the consignee or the shipper fails to follow the process, the carrier has a chance to bail out from paying the claim. Here are a few important tips that will facilitate you to ensure that the claim is paid.

Take immediate Action and Record Damage

Make a note of the damage on the BOL or Bill of Lading. If there are any shortfalls, keep a note of that. Note any other exceptions. However, it is better to remember that not all exceptions are a defect and needs charging. A claims representative will face extreme difficulty if not all the damages and exceptions are noted for his analysis. In case of LTL, there are provisions for hidden damage. Despite that, it is quite difficult to win. Other than the loss of the item, lost time or its misuse is another factor that you will suffer from. Noting this problem on the Bill of Lading is important. If you have a Smartphone, take a picture of BOL and call the carrier or logistic company immediately to make them aware of the damage or loss. Remember the carrier has a right to mitigate the value of claim where possible. The carrier must be given a chance to rectify the damage. Without giving a second chance, it is not possible to get a claim.

Keep the Freight

Never discard the damaged freight before the claim has been resolved to your satisfaction. The carrier has the right to inspect the damaged freight; he also has the right to take ownership of the salvaged item if full claim value is awarded. Ensure that the damaged freight is given back to them for full settlement. The carrier also has a right to salvage. If the product contains perishable goods, then the carrier needs to be informed for immediate redressal. For many such reasons, a resident of Calgary needs to look for affordable freight in Calgary or an alternate solution like transborder trucking in Calgary.

Pay Freight Charges

When filing claims there are few standard procedure that needs to be followed. The regulation that mentions to outline the timeline for valuation of the claim also says to file the claim with a copy of the paid freight bill. Even if it is the carrier’s fault, you must pay the bill. This will allow the matter to resolve quickly. Pettiness is going nowhere, so instead of brooding on things and delaying them more, pay the freight charges and file claim with it. A reputable service provider with affordable freight in Calgary will avoid such fault that would lead to claim settlement but accidents do happen.

Improper handling of freight claims can cost you more than imagined. Without proper procedure, the entire process can become time consuming and frustrating. Therefore, the more knowledge you have in regards to this matter, the better it is to get a resolution.

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